Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!

Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!
*Not super recent photos

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Unboredness is easy even if you don't have a job, srsly!

So my daughter is freakin smart.  Like you'd think she was ugly she's so smart.  But she's super pritty tho.  So here's the thing.. there had to be some kind of lines in the beforelife.. like you had to decide.. do you wanna be super smart and rich and responsible cuz of the smartsness or do you want to be sorta dingbatty but rilly super pritty and have lots of fun and like glitter and get funner frenz but be not very rich but you don't care..cuz your frenz rawk and yer so super cute?   Cuz I mean if there was a line where you could have it ALL...what's the dealio?  Anyway.  So she's like all of it.. I'm just sayin.  She must have shoved some kids outta her line er sumpthin.

Her solo lasted the whole freakin song.
p.s. before you are all "waaa waaa ur camera sux get a new fancy billion dollar one for scrapbooking u bad mom"  These are grabs from VIDEO people.. so shutty.
That's right.  I make DVDs of her performances and add titles and music to the menues and put lots of fancy transitions in there and make collage covers and labels and put them in real DVD cases.  Who is the bad Mom now?  Yeah......ats what I thought.

But so it doesn't end there with her talential downpour.  She plays the clarinet too !!!!!
And she's like that one person that plays the note first during warmup and then the whole rest of the band has to tune to her sustained note.  So basically it's her fault if they are all flat.  But it makes her the bosslady I think.

If you knew her when she was a toddler you'd know why I think her feeties all pointed in are adorable in this pic.  If not... well it's not like it took you an hour to look at one photo but thanks for indulging me or whatever.

That's just a cool lookin instrument.

RodTodd almost got fired from teaching for leaving early to come see this/be my ride/take our picture cuz we were doing a bad bad job of self portraits even with the dual LCD thingie...but it was toadally worth it.  For me anyways.  Nampa is a long walk you gize!
Anyway so that isn't the only thing that's been totally unboring.  I've been making super cute stuff for people too.

My friend had painted her daughters room in all kinds of polka dots to match a comforter she got..that she ended up hating.  The comforter that is..not the walls.  So she and I ..and RodTodd...went to JoAnn's aka my happy place...and picked out all these fun fabrics to make this girlpowerpalooza for her new full size big girl bed!

How cutefun would that be with a tulle bedskirt?  Way cutefun that's how cutefun.
Anyway so then she came and took it cuz she's mean and forced me to make a crazyfun comforter for my sewing room.  This is my genius plan so far.

Subtle.  And super grown-up.  You can bet your sweet bumcheeks I'm going to have a tulle bedskirt.  Or something resembling the bottom of Landees wedding dress anyway.
Oh and at the Quilting Guild meeting Mom and I won DOORPRIZES you gize!
So then all-a-sudden our cousin decided we had to hurry and get one of our blocks done for the cuzzin/aunt/uncle jack block exchange so that she can take ONE of all of our blocks and make a quilt for Gramma to be done in TIME for the reoon.  It's times like this I think.... you DO realize most of these girlers and Uncle Jack are ACTIVE mo-mos...right?  Early....cha-right!
But anyway.  The theme was..  make an 8 1/2 inch block out of reds, whites, blues or golds and any combination of those... any method..like pieced/color crayoned/appliqued...er whatever.  So this is mine.

I can't wait to see how all of the blocks look together.  Does our fam know how to get crazee or what?
Oh yeah.
p.s. update plz


Monday, April 12, 2010

My Cutes-as-a-buttonz MARATHON MAN!!!! (Coach Pete didn't stand a chance)

Guess who beat Coach Pete?  GUESS GUESS!!!!! 
Note that he only got Kellen Moore's signature.  p.s. there were lots more football playerz there.... I ..well...whatevs I guess.  I mean look how happy/proud/goofy he looks..all walkin in like "notice anything diffrint?"
I made him take the camera (which he didn't want to take because he was totally sure it would slow down his worlds record time or something) so that we could all share in the awesomeness that is the Scholorship fund run where everyday Besties can go together and beat the undefeated guy.

BUSTER BRONCO!!!!!  It took them 3 times to get a good pic.  Buster kept blinkin.  Notice the smiles...the general good hygiene look they have here.... yeah.

Coach Pete and the Cheerios gettin everyone juiced!  SURE you can beat me!  I even said on the news last night I wasn't even gonna TRY to win!  (RodTodd still doesn't believe he wasn't trying to win..srsly)

Even tho..Coach Pete was standing...like this...to double high five peeps...right before the finish line..congratulating them on beating him.  Legit.

Note the sweatiness and more forced smilingness.  And Coach Pete still just a high fivin away lookin  like he didn't even get winded.

And of course... a pic of RodTodd gettin Kellen Moore's siggy on his MAJOR AWARD shirt.  P.S. RodTodd wouldn't take it off and wore it to the Ps on Sunday to chillax/eat all thier good Sunday food/talk scrapbooking/quilting/The Masters.  The Home Freakin Teachers came by.... the lesson of the month was booooring btw.  ur wax is showing fyi.  Anyway the super Rood adulter HT was all "What is a Coach Pete?"  What.  Evs.
OH YEAH!!!!  And RodTodds adorable kiddies didn't forget my birthday week/month/year!

They gave me "UP!", a bucket of popcorn and some movie sized mini Butterfingers!  YAY!!!  Oh yeah and for Nates 8th birthday we got him these:

Which has led to hours and hours and days and days of THIS

I cannot recommend this learning toy enough.  They have made radios, motion detectors, doorbells... there are like 300 projects and the circuits all snap together.. no soldering.. but teaches them about lecktricity nstuff!!!!! 
Anyway.  Life is Good.  :)  p.s. new post plz.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Talk about the PERFECTEST day you gize!  Holy my spoiled bratpan!
First thing in the AM I got a call from Sky-Dawgg/G wishing me a happy birthday.  We talked lots of smack and then he said he had to call his Dad.  I always forget he has the same birthday as me.  And I love that G always calls me first.  I win.

Then the outdoor clothes part kickoff was at like 1pm (cuz you girlerz respeck my need for not being bugged in the morning...which is prezzie in and of itself)
RED ROBINNED by Eekareek/Sara, Hotpants/Amy, TwoThumbsUp/Winnie and the infamous MP/Katie!!!!!  p.s. Winnie is even more adorable in person.  Try to imagine it.  After you read the rest of this stuff.
(we will get to the monetary prezzies they gave me in a little bit.  But trust me.  They are awesome.  DON'T SCROLL you jerkface!)
Then RodTodd took me and the Ps to dessert at TTCF!!!!
I don't know if you can tell..but by this point...I wanted to projectile barfers.
My Mom gave me the sweetest card.  Cept the part where she gave RT all the credit for my being way more awesome this year than in years previous.  Whatevs.  He did burn my house down tho.  And fire me.
So then guess who came by with MORE PREZZIESSS?????
My widdlest tiniest babies!!!! 
So I took this opportunity to bother them a lot and take headshots for Gramma.
jaykay.  But it's kinda funny.. here's the rill one
I begged him to let me put his hurr did in a pony like Casey James but he said "who?" and "no"
And what the gorgeous is going on here?
So then..RT took me to the happiest place on earth.. HOBBY LOBBY!!!  And let me pick out some shiney stuff for the plant shelves.  The 4 foot glass jar that we then went to Winco and filled with bulk bubblegum balls is my fave fyi.
So then..now this is where it gets good.  For RodTodd.  I got out my prezzies from the lunch bunch.  First I tried to seduce him with just the lengerie and lipstick
He said... "uh..what the?  no."
So but what he didn't know is they also gave me Equate brand lube (cuz you know..old ladies need that stuff and Amy said Equate brand is her fayvrit)
and condoms.... (that part I don't get but I think Sara just wanted to be dirty cuz that's how she roles)
He still wasn't totally in to it.  Said something was missing.  I know, WTfreak, right?  Little did he know..they gave me the dealsealerz....
He was done for.  And I know you are all hot and bothered now too.  It's not your fault.  It's the power of the scrunch.
But I think we all know this is how I will be wearing them to fancy places like places where you pay AFTER you eat.
Between all this spoiling and the outpouring of love after I threatened peeps on Facebook...the lovepacked texts...the emails with cartoony cards..the stripper.... this was by far my favritt birthday ever so far!!!!!  Oh wait. I got another prezzie too... brb.
I'm guessing she couldn't bend her pointer finger down cuz of that thingie on it.
p.s. totally unrelated.  When you get in someones car I KNOW it's rude to say "your car smells like hamsters"..k..but if when you get in someones car and it smells like hamsters and they say "btw does my car smell like hamsters?" what is the polite thing to say?  I said no and breathed thru my mouth but I'm second guessing what Donny and Marie would have done.  plzadvize.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Mish I sorta waited for that I ended up writing a SO super funny dear john to:

jay kay.

Busy week, OM gosh!  It's like everybody wanted to have fun all in the same week fhs!  So G turned 22.  I'm not mad at him about it I'm just disappointed.
::: sigh :::  No more Osh Kosh B'Goshes.  B'Gosh dangit.
Tucanos is awwweeesome btw.  I doubt we could have given blood the next day.

OH did I tell you he has a girlfriend?  She's awesome.  Mostly because she totally thinks I'm awesome.  Srsly I don't think she's fakin/kissin up.  Cuz if so she is going to great lengths..which I respect.  what with the hangin out in jammy pants watching 9 Interventions back to back eating finger foods and stuff.
Aren't they adorable together?
p.s. her name is Hailee with a K.

I bet they will have adorable children if they get married.  Still probably pretty cute even if they don't get married but the odds of getting a funny looker are way higher if you are a sinner and especially if you are a sinner and it's your 4th kid.  I got lucky!!!!
He made me promise not to tell the waiter it was his birthday.

You can totally tell he is in a band the way he commands that tamborine.  Right?    I dunno what gave it away..Grandpa holding up his quilt or Grammy saying "It's his 22nd Birthday!" but something tipped them off.
The trouble makers:

the only time the meat stop/go light wooden thingy was on red.  And it only lasted like 4 minutes.
PLUS I was too busy to blog cuz I was doing super cute stuff like this!
And helping RodTodd plant shrubs along the side of our house:

Give you one guess who I am texting.  There's no prize fyi.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Backstory of my EX BFF that we shall never mention again

jay kay. 

So anyway this is what I've been up to.
What does this mean to you?  Nothing.  Almost nothing.  Okay, maybe a lil something if  you enjoy mocking things like this:

circa 1991
p.s. the only one that SHOULD have had a blue tongue and be proud of it is Sky-dawgg...who is 3..and barely even noticable in this picture.  Yes.  Yes that is the high school boyfriend of the Landee whose sweatshirt the Madre mailed to Landee rather recently.  Thx for askin.  Yer smart.
Or maybe your cup of tea is more a lil sumpthin from circa 1997

Ess EE Exxy! I don't know if that officially counts as a Christmas sweater tho.  So she prolly can't be in the PTA.  Maybe the Christmas necklace would get her in tho.  I don't blame her.  I blame Utah.
Zionicness in that high a dose makes your judgement skillz of stuff that makes you look hawt....fuzzy.
Or perhaps you are more of a Memzy circa...? fan?

Aunt Visor loved this pic so much she made it their Christmas card that year!  Srsly Memz?   You got murried at Christmas time?  WHA?  You gipped yerself out of lots of saving up for good prezzies time.  And it's hardly noticable that you were barfing your brainz out all night/day/week.  But it will come in super handy if you aren't 100% on your VT'ing that month.  End of the year.  Anniversary.  Christmas... you will be forgived.  Not that I have that kind of authority or nuthin.  Cuz you know.  I'm a girl.
In all fairness from the 97 era here is a pic of me familia:

Oh my bad!  I forgot I have always looked kewl and never did have one of them "awkward phases" so many of you were struck with.  ::: laughs nervously hoping Landee didn't own a camera back then :::
But srsly this is more of what I was doing with all 8,30275,38274,99 pics in that there box nsuch:

Oh snap!  I know.  It's a shame I stopped having kids cuz I got old and selfish.  The world would be a much cuter place if I woulda had like 14 of them.  But three seemed like a safe number.  I know so many good looking people who had a 4th kid that was the ugly one.
OH and I forgot to show you how my husband is the bestest in the world in my best attempt to make you roll your eyes and go "oh fhs" and then text him "you need to grow a set" but without so many vowels

This was awesome but also a mistake on his part.  Cuz now I turn down the covers and if there are no prezzies I get mad/sad/threaten to withold Mommy and Daddy time. 
I read that's what you are spozed to do.  In a book about 2 out rallies.  Making your third marriage not be your third strike or something.
::: starting stopwatch to time when Landee/Eekasara will say "new post plz" :::