Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!

Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!
*Not super recent photos

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Best Use of Permission to leave Ada County so far! And yes I'm keeping track...cuz there was the zero times..and now..the one. Srsly!

Since I didn't have a ticker or anything (cuz I don't know how) I bet you had NO idea I went to Bakersfield, California for not quite fourth of July!!!  Oh and since Eclipse opened while we were there we were like...wtfreak, let's go see it? 
Obviously...Landee was the MOST excited....
Thank the goodnesses I always carry wetnaps in my purse/diaper bag.  For others.  Helpy ekwals me.
Here we all are just like...right on, what's playing?  K guess we'll get in line...
Um....I need to figure out the settings on my camera cuz..well...anyway.
Our seats were freakin awesome!
View of the screen:
And my pictures of our real reason for gathering in Bako turned out craptacular so I ganked this copy off of Jespys bloggie.
UNCLE VISOR AND AUNT VISOR!!!!!  Heart them to the NTH.  And I'm not just sayin that just because they can read this.  swear.
Aunt Visor with the cutest chubbers I have ever laid eyes on IRL in for...since my babies were babies:

And in case you wanna see how we are JUST LIKE YOU:
See?  You could prolly pull this off too. 
In our "down time" aka the 20 minutes between eating ginorm meals at awes restaurants and shopping and seeing ..a movie a couple times.. we were chillaxin with YOU!!!!
Jespy takes this WWF thing soooo seriously making real words nstuff!  Landee doesn't.  Obviously.
Watching crazy bangs excersizeaholic lady AND playing WWF in the BIG BED!!!!

There was much comparing/coveting/getting new iCovers going on btw.  And somehow S-Rod ended up with a girl one...by choice. 
We also payed a lil visit to the DOLLAR STORE to get "liars dice kits".  Cuz THIS is super way fun:

Obviously I was taking the pic so I'm not in it.  And S-Rod had gone to bed.  Cuz he has a job and crap.  I toyed with the idea of putting nametags on these girlers so you wouldn't be confused...but...yeah.
On our way back we barely weren't killed twice and had time to go to PAWN STARS!!!!
And then it was back to reality............where NOONE HAD TAKEN THIS POOR SWEET GIRL TO SEE THE MOVIE YET!!!!
I should call CPS.  It had been almost a WEEK since it came out and she has read all the books!!!!  Check out the lamerz cups tho....thank goodness I had brought mine back from Bako:

If I was trying to get an a word. for the best stepmom ever I'd give it to her.  But a words are overrated.