Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!

Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!
*Not super recent photos

Monday, March 29, 2010

Gentlemen...and girlerz... START YER YOLKS!!! (warning: U R gonna be jealous)

It was totally fun but it woulda been way more funner if you were there.
U were missed
HAHA U weren't invited!
YAY I figgerred out how to put words ABOVE the pictures!  (no thanks to YOU.  Not even a little tiny bit fhs)

You got to go pick a prize if you found an egg with a STAR on it!!!!  PRIZES ekwal more fun than NO prizes every time.  RodTodds kids came to this amazevent last year and they totally were stoked to repeat this awesomeness.  Grammy and Grandpa are IN!
(p.s. Emi asked my Mom what they should call them now.... Grandma Janice and Grandpa Jack?  Grammy and Grampa?  Step Grandma and Step Grandpa? Janeese and Quilt King?  Grammy said for them to call them whatever they want..... she prolly shoulda just picked something..srsly... cuz HEY YOU might win if Dallin gets his druthers.  But srsly... ANYTHING but STEP Grandma and Grandpa..right?)
Every Grampa that is awesome has one of these ^^^ in their garage I bet.

He's very serious about the roolz you gize.  VERY serious.  He's learned with this bunch-o-hooligans that you can't just assume anything.  Ever.

YW for the nametags btw.  You will find I'm super helpy like that. 
They were SOOOO essited.  And get this.  ZERO trashtalking.  Among the kids anyway. I might have gestured to Dallin to crunch Aaron's egg.  JAY KAY.  I said to do it to Porter's.
She facebooks.  So yeah.  I tagged her.  Suckah.

What.. you didn't think we'd have an EGG TOSS?  What kinda lamerz party you think we were throwin fhs?

And you wanna see something really super cute?  Okay.

Srsly.  It's like they cloned my RodTodd!  Right?   In a shocking twist BOTH of their fave question is "Um...Kimi...can I pweeze have some candy?"
But yeah I hope you had an awesome Easter too!