Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!

Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!
*Not super recent photos

Friday, September 17, 2010

Reoon...the untold stories. Mostly factual.

So I bet you all have been waiting to see the pics of Beebs DRIVING the hay wagon, right???
(when I say "you all" I mean Landee and I am srsly way amazed she hasn't bugged me about these pics yet since her last words to me before I took off with her daughter were "If you don't get pics of this you have FAILED!!!!"...swearz.  real quote.)
just wookit that widdle bummy!!!!  Yeah I got more with her face in it..shutty already.

And the group of drivers after seeing how toadally fun it looked:

This is how I was keeping Annie from jumping off the wagon:
She loves to run and wiggle and ...be wiggly..but she hearts a camera.  Or a diet coke.

^^ my favritt pic tho.  Hers is just so pritty.

Her Mommy...who is my sister... who is totally active like the Iceland type volcano... chose to go on the big kid horseback rides with T-Bone

Our widdlest, Baby D,  wasn't old enough for the big horses...so he rode one of the ponies:
He looks beyond impressed, no?  BONUS!!!!  Grandma and MEMZ in the pic!

Speaking of Memz.  We all totally did the grown up thing and took a leisurely ride around the lake..you know...just to look at the houses and be awesome.
And then there was Landee.....

And AUNT VISOR livin up to her name!!!!  So fun!

Then we got DOWN AND DERBY

Had auction(S)..srsly (S)...

Off. The. Chain.

^^^are now huge fans of auctionness
Of course we did some late night runs to MY FATHER'S PLACE (the camp was vegetarian people...so...yeah)
I see the resemblance..FTR my Dad is NOT the one wearing the lamerz Y sweatshirt.  kthanks.

Every family took their turn having KP!!!! 

Is it just me or does RodTodd seem wayyyyy too excited about washing veggieburger off of stuff....

RodTodd was brave..he had like...11teen kids/teenagers on there with him... I shoved them off and gladly waved BUH bye! :) 

And this guy hearted the tube:

 Emi just HAD to do the zipline...

She's halfway up...... I did NOT participate..cuz I had to take pics nstuff. 
She only brought those ONE pair of pants...her jammy pants...and you had to have on "long pants" to do this AND go horseback riding...so...
I mean she makes it look cool tho.  Since she didn't "win" the blankie she wanted at the auction...the next time we had her we went straight to Jo-Ann's and recreated the magic ourselves:
And of course....we had to get the family picture while we were all together....

which included some sing/talking/acting...stuff

(Lookit Landee totally givin it her all you gize!  All "look Mom, I'm doing the whole thing just like you asked cuz I'm the good kid!!!!")

And finally..... perfection: