Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!

Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!
*Not super recent photos

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Grab a tissue..... MEMORY QUILT crap

Or don't.  Just use your sleeve.  Anyway so srsly shut up cuz I'm so not going to make eye contact with YOU while I talk about this. 

Best just rip off the bandaid and say... this guy is unfortunately no longer alive.  So his Mom wants me and Dad to make snuggle blankies for her two daughters and herself out of his old clothes.

Aren't you glad I didn't drag it out and then just sprize you with that sad shiz?  yw.

Anyway so..it was kinda like being given a bunch of laundry and trying to make it pretty.  Keep in mind it was a boy..in his 20's.  Srsly stop looking at me.. my freakin allergies... n..stuff.

But so here's where it's at so far
This is just for the one daughter.  Dad looked at it and went "I'm not sure how I'm going to quilt this..."  cuz srsly. It's important.

So keep in mind I have 3 freakin tubs of his clothes to go through and try to make it "fair"...  oh yeah..keep in mind he's dead fyi.  I know you didn't forget just wanted to make sure if I was crying you were too.  So I'm cutting up his t-shirts he's worn forhisever and ...his dress shirts..and it just seemed odd cutting up an american eagle shirt knowing it was like 70 bucks..just sayin..anyway.. here's closer of the corners..tags from inside his shirts..and buttons... and stuff I'd want..

I knew you'd like how I left the collar sorta on it.

So now his sisters will have their own snuggle/throw blankies made out of his clothes.  In case they just need a hug from their brother.

srsly..who started this?  :: making Mom Face mimicing Memz in her driveway ::

Friday, September 17, 2010

Reoon...the untold stories. Mostly factual.

So I bet you all have been waiting to see the pics of Beebs DRIVING the hay wagon, right???
(when I say "you all" I mean Landee and I am srsly way amazed she hasn't bugged me about these pics yet since her last words to me before I took off with her daughter were "If you don't get pics of this you have FAILED!!!!"...swearz.  real quote.)
just wookit that widdle bummy!!!!  Yeah I got more with her face in it..shutty already.

And the group of drivers after seeing how toadally fun it looked:

This is how I was keeping Annie from jumping off the wagon:
She loves to run and wiggle and ...be wiggly..but she hearts a camera.  Or a diet coke.

^^ my favritt pic tho.  Hers is just so pritty.

Her Mommy...who is my sister... who is totally active like the Iceland type volcano... chose to go on the big kid horseback rides with T-Bone

Our widdlest, Baby D,  wasn't old enough for the big horses...so he rode one of the ponies:
He looks beyond impressed, no?  BONUS!!!!  Grandma and MEMZ in the pic!

Speaking of Memz.  We all totally did the grown up thing and took a leisurely ride around the lake..you know...just to look at the houses and be awesome.
And then there was Landee.....

And AUNT VISOR livin up to her name!!!!  So fun!

Then we got DOWN AND DERBY

Had auction(S)..srsly (S)...

Off. The. Chain.

^^^are now huge fans of auctionness
Of course we did some late night runs to MY FATHER'S PLACE (the camp was vegetarian people...so...yeah)
I see the resemblance..FTR my Dad is NOT the one wearing the lamerz Y sweatshirt.  kthanks.

Every family took their turn having KP!!!! 

Is it just me or does RodTodd seem wayyyyy too excited about washing veggieburger off of stuff....

RodTodd was brave..he had like...11teen kids/teenagers on there with him... I shoved them off and gladly waved BUH bye! :) 

And this guy hearted the tube:

 Emi just HAD to do the zipline...

She's halfway up...... I did NOT participate..cuz I had to take pics nstuff. 
She only brought those ONE pair of pants...her jammy pants...and you had to have on "long pants" to do this AND go horseback riding...so...
I mean she makes it look cool tho.  Since she didn't "win" the blankie she wanted at the auction...the next time we had her we went straight to Jo-Ann's and recreated the magic ourselves:
And of course....we had to get the family picture while we were all together....

which included some sing/talking/acting...stuff

(Lookit Landee totally givin it her all you gize!  All "look Mom, I'm doing the whole thing just like you asked cuz I'm the good kid!!!!")

And finally..... perfection:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Camping" is way more funner when you bring indoor plumbing you gize!!!

Dooooods.  My husband hearts to camp.  And I heart to not have to take a walk with a shovel and a cottenelle wipe in the pocket of my hoodie when I gotta go number two.  So my hubby got me one of them tents with a potty!!!!
Is that like the most redneckest photog?  Saweet!  So but I was wanting to push all the buttons and work all the parts before we took it into the wild but our amps or something weren't strong enough on the plug outside to amp it up or whatevs.  So my Dad..who is awesome...way awesome...came over with A: extra pots and pans from their kitchen to be donated to the mobile cabin and B: his madd skillz at fixing anything that ever needs fixed and 3: his willingness to teach stuff to RodTodd and myself as long as we don't try to "get ahead of ourselves" aka touch stuff before he says to.  Which is a lamerz rool btw.  Here's some pictoral documentation of the fixings:

Plzkthanks note..well..more like take my word for it..Dad is wearing his Jeppson reoon shirt from DENVA 2009!!  Which he has almost worn/washed off all the lettering he wears/washes it so much.  But THIS next pic is a total framer for me:

My two favritt men in the whole wide world.  Working together.  RodTodd not doing anything without instruction.  Dads tongue out between his teeth while using a power tool.   ::: single tear :::
So anyway we learned what most of the gadgetty things on it did and immediately RodTodd put in for a Monday off and we drug it to a more appropriate trailerhood:
HEAVEN!!!!!!  Check out how RodTodd's freakin awesome parking job made our views from inside the bestest ever!
EEEK!  River all the way around!  No need for a white noise machine!
Seeeeereeeeeissly!!!! It was so beautiful we would just sit there for like...MINUTES and just watch the river.  But then I'd be all...where's my iPod we need some rawkin tunage!

So I made the little dinette area into a chillaxin bed thing and plugged the iPod into the aux jack thingie and hit the outside speakers to on too in case some of the poor peeps in tents wanted to enjoy some of Tim McGraws Southern Voice album too!  Cuz remember..me ekwals helpy!!!  p.s. that's my Lady Antebellum trucker hat thurr...aint it a dandy?  Sheeeuuuuute.  Oh yeah and that TV swivels in case it's just too much effort to watch TV not in the bedroom.  Cuz I bet I didn't get tired cuz it was the first time we'd takin the hizzy out but after awhile I bet after pushin the button to lower the awning and pushing the button to level the hizzy and pushin the buttons to the other stuff..I will need to go to bed for awhile and watch some TV in the wilderness.  That's why I packed 13 going on 30.  And nemo.
But srsly... these are my favritt things about our new mobile cabin...not in this order:

Words...cannot...describe....it's like I srsly hear angelic music when I look at it.  freelz.
But so then we totally did rill camping type stuff.  Swearz.  Look.
These are all different fishing holes btw.  Amaze gorge.

He Swim slash fishes!!!!
I got all done with New Moon even!!!!  And p.s. YES it DOES end with Edward proposing ya goofs.  It's just not the TOTAL end.  After he proposes or whatever/demands she marry him if he's gonna change her... Jacob goes and rats her out about the motorbike.  Geesh.. You girlers need to read it again or something.  But yeah I totally caught a trophy fishy too!
And then RodTodd was super jealous so he made me carry all my crap back to the burb MYSELF!

Fer rood.  Oh and at one fishing spot I was all comfy with my book nstuff and a windy gust blew my lil umbrella out in the river so I selflessly risked my life to save it...but alas...this is what it looks like now
And this is what my poor LEG looks like now:

if you zoom in you can see my hero..RodTodd...downstream just a fishin away unawares of the heroic disast that just went on.
So you get the idea tho, right?  We didn't just sit inside and watch movies and stuff.  Check it out we even had a real live campfire!
(mostly because we felt we should.  If we are being honest here.  and I am trying to not have to have risk thoughts to have to disclose in group so I have opted to be sorta honest)
And then RodTodd took a hot shower (totally in his swimsuit in case you are a child or are my sister and are grossed out by implied nudity of the RodTodd nature) *I'm fine with disclosing this lie
Scrubbin all the fishguts off... just to go do it all over again
Oh yeah and it rained one of the nights.  Boy were we glad we weren't in a tent!  But then RodTodd's OCD kicked in and he started tapping and counting stuff and doing this:
I heart his OCD btw.  A. Lots.
Then our super friendly miner guy neighbor Ed had to move to a diff campground:
cuz get this lamerz rool!  You can't stay in a campground in the same spot for more than 14 days!!!  Frowny face.
In looking thru the bagillion pics I took I found this one from when we went tent camping:
Don't get me wrong...I had a blast camping the tenty way..but I cannot imagine what kind of series of unfortunate events would have to unfold upon me and make me do the frowny face IRL...that would make me choose this kind of camping now.  Even if I had wi-fi.
So anywayz.  ONE MORE WEEK TILL THE REOOOOOON in MCCALL!!!!  Weeeeeeehaw!!!!  Now I got room on my camera for that funapalooza!  I cannot WAIT to see YOU!!!!!