Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!

Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!
*Not super recent photos

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Backstory of my EX BFF that we shall never mention again

jay kay. 

So anyway this is what I've been up to.
What does this mean to you?  Nothing.  Almost nothing.  Okay, maybe a lil something if  you enjoy mocking things like this:

circa 1991
p.s. the only one that SHOULD have had a blue tongue and be proud of it is Sky-dawgg...who is 3..and barely even noticable in this picture.  Yes.  Yes that is the high school boyfriend of the Landee whose sweatshirt the Madre mailed to Landee rather recently.  Thx for askin.  Yer smart.
Or maybe your cup of tea is more a lil sumpthin from circa 1997

Ess EE Exxy! I don't know if that officially counts as a Christmas sweater tho.  So she prolly can't be in the PTA.  Maybe the Christmas necklace would get her in tho.  I don't blame her.  I blame Utah.
Zionicness in that high a dose makes your judgement skillz of stuff that makes you look hawt....fuzzy.
Or perhaps you are more of a Memzy circa...? fan?

Aunt Visor loved this pic so much she made it their Christmas card that year!  Srsly Memz?   You got murried at Christmas time?  WHA?  You gipped yerself out of lots of saving up for good prezzies time.  And it's hardly noticable that you were barfing your brainz out all night/day/week.  But it will come in super handy if you aren't 100% on your VT'ing that month.  End of the year.  Anniversary.  Christmas... you will be forgived.  Not that I have that kind of authority or nuthin.  Cuz you know.  I'm a girl.
In all fairness from the 97 era here is a pic of me familia:

Oh my bad!  I forgot I have always looked kewl and never did have one of them "awkward phases" so many of you were struck with.  ::: laughs nervously hoping Landee didn't own a camera back then :::
But srsly this is more of what I was doing with all 8,30275,38274,99 pics in that there box nsuch:

Oh snap!  I know.  It's a shame I stopped having kids cuz I got old and selfish.  The world would be a much cuter place if I woulda had like 14 of them.  But three seemed like a safe number.  I know so many good looking people who had a 4th kid that was the ugly one.
OH and I forgot to show you how my husband is the bestest in the world in my best attempt to make you roll your eyes and go "oh fhs" and then text him "you need to grow a set" but without so many vowels

This was awesome but also a mistake on his part.  Cuz now I turn down the covers and if there are no prezzies I get mad/sad/threaten to withold Mommy and Daddy time. 
I read that's what you are spozed to do.  In a book about 2 out rallies.  Making your third marriage not be your third strike or something.
::: starting stopwatch to time when Landee/Eekasara will say "new post plz" :::