Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!

Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!
*Not super recent photos

Friday, April 9, 2010


Talk about the PERFECTEST day you gize!  Holy my spoiled bratpan!
First thing in the AM I got a call from Sky-Dawgg/G wishing me a happy birthday.  We talked lots of smack and then he said he had to call his Dad.  I always forget he has the same birthday as me.  And I love that G always calls me first.  I win.

Then the outdoor clothes part kickoff was at like 1pm (cuz you girlerz respeck my need for not being bugged in the morning...which is prezzie in and of itself)
RED ROBINNED by Eekareek/Sara, Hotpants/Amy, TwoThumbsUp/Winnie and the infamous MP/Katie!!!!!  p.s. Winnie is even more adorable in person.  Try to imagine it.  After you read the rest of this stuff.
(we will get to the monetary prezzies they gave me in a little bit.  But trust me.  They are awesome.  DON'T SCROLL you jerkface!)
Then RodTodd took me and the Ps to dessert at TTCF!!!!
I don't know if you can tell..but by this point...I wanted to projectile barfers.
My Mom gave me the sweetest card.  Cept the part where she gave RT all the credit for my being way more awesome this year than in years previous.  Whatevs.  He did burn my house down tho.  And fire me.
So then guess who came by with MORE PREZZIESSS?????
My widdlest tiniest babies!!!! 
So I took this opportunity to bother them a lot and take headshots for Gramma.
jaykay.  But it's kinda funny.. here's the rill one
I begged him to let me put his hurr did in a pony like Casey James but he said "who?" and "no"
And what the gorgeous is going on here?
So then..RT took me to the happiest place on earth.. HOBBY LOBBY!!!  And let me pick out some shiney stuff for the plant shelves.  The 4 foot glass jar that we then went to Winco and filled with bulk bubblegum balls is my fave fyi.
So then..now this is where it gets good.  For RodTodd.  I got out my prezzies from the lunch bunch.  First I tried to seduce him with just the lengerie and lipstick
He said... "uh..what the?  no."
So but what he didn't know is they also gave me Equate brand lube (cuz you know..old ladies need that stuff and Amy said Equate brand is her fayvrit)
and condoms.... (that part I don't get but I think Sara just wanted to be dirty cuz that's how she roles)
He still wasn't totally in to it.  Said something was missing.  I know, WTfreak, right?  Little did he know..they gave me the dealsealerz....
He was done for.  And I know you are all hot and bothered now too.  It's not your fault.  It's the power of the scrunch.
But I think we all know this is how I will be wearing them to fancy places like places where you pay AFTER you eat.
Between all this spoiling and the outpouring of love after I threatened peeps on Facebook...the lovepacked texts...the emails with cartoony cards..the stripper.... this was by far my favritt birthday ever so far!!!!!  Oh wait. I got another prezzie too... brb.
I'm guessing she couldn't bend her pointer finger down cuz of that thingie on it.
p.s. totally unrelated.  When you get in someones car I KNOW it's rude to say "your car smells like hamsters"..k..but if when you get in someones car and it smells like hamsters and they say "btw does my car smell like hamsters?" what is the polite thing to say?  I said no and breathed thru my mouth but I'm second guessing what Donny and Marie would have done.  plzadvize.