Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!

Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!
*Not super recent photos

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Backstory of my EX BFF that we shall never mention again

jay kay. 

So anyway this is what I've been up to.
What does this mean to you?  Nothing.  Almost nothing.  Okay, maybe a lil something if  you enjoy mocking things like this:

circa 1991
p.s. the only one that SHOULD have had a blue tongue and be proud of it is Sky-dawgg...who is 3..and barely even noticable in this picture.  Yes.  Yes that is the high school boyfriend of the Landee whose sweatshirt the Madre mailed to Landee rather recently.  Thx for askin.  Yer smart.
Or maybe your cup of tea is more a lil sumpthin from circa 1997

Ess EE Exxy! I don't know if that officially counts as a Christmas sweater tho.  So she prolly can't be in the PTA.  Maybe the Christmas necklace would get her in tho.  I don't blame her.  I blame Utah.
Zionicness in that high a dose makes your judgement skillz of stuff that makes you look hawt....fuzzy.
Or perhaps you are more of a Memzy circa...? fan?

Aunt Visor loved this pic so much she made it their Christmas card that year!  Srsly Memz?   You got murried at Christmas time?  WHA?  You gipped yerself out of lots of saving up for good prezzies time.  And it's hardly noticable that you were barfing your brainz out all night/day/week.  But it will come in super handy if you aren't 100% on your VT'ing that month.  End of the year.  Anniversary.  Christmas... you will be forgived.  Not that I have that kind of authority or nuthin.  Cuz you know.  I'm a girl.
In all fairness from the 97 era here is a pic of me familia:

Oh my bad!  I forgot I have always looked kewl and never did have one of them "awkward phases" so many of you were struck with.  ::: laughs nervously hoping Landee didn't own a camera back then :::
But srsly this is more of what I was doing with all 8,30275,38274,99 pics in that there box nsuch:

Oh snap!  I know.  It's a shame I stopped having kids cuz I got old and selfish.  The world would be a much cuter place if I woulda had like 14 of them.  But three seemed like a safe number.  I know so many good looking people who had a 4th kid that was the ugly one.
OH and I forgot to show you how my husband is the bestest in the world in my best attempt to make you roll your eyes and go "oh fhs" and then text him "you need to grow a set" but without so many vowels

This was awesome but also a mistake on his part.  Cuz now I turn down the covers and if there are no prezzies I get mad/sad/threaten to withold Mommy and Daddy time. 
I read that's what you are spozed to do.  In a book about 2 out rallies.  Making your third marriage not be your third strike or something.
::: starting stopwatch to time when Landee/Eekasara will say "new post plz" :::


Markie23 said...

He was obviously hoping to get lucky - cuz he bought lotto tickets.

And you may be right about the 4th child; however if you want to find perfection you have to get to #9.

Also I just can't get enough of old Landee photos. Nice!

Landee said...

Ok. Alright. I see how this is gonna be. I guess I have a little date with Dad's scanner the next time I visit LesBois. Cuz you're right, I didn't own a camera during your awkward years which reeeeally sux right about now. But Mom did. And she had a bajillion rolls of film to prove it and now a bajillion more photo albums to prove it even more.

But srsly, I heart that blue tongue photo. Always have. My sweater could stand to be thrown away tho. In both pics.

PS Are those other little fruit games there on the table? There are more than just bananagrams????

Hot Pants said...

Your bangs circa '91 are freakishly high. And Howie just took great offense to your fourth child remark. So did my sister Erin.

Princess Kimi said...

Howie has a blog???? I'd so read that. Sorry Howie and Erin. Doesn't apply to either of you. Only to fourth kids of the same Mom.

Markie he lives in a continuous state of hoping to get lucky. That's why he plays the MegaMillions too. I, too, have a fondness for old Landee photos. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. This is JUST like "group"!!!

Landee, give up the drizzeam. p.s. she made all those albums and gave them to US so...she doesn't have them anymore..doykers! P.s.s. yes on the fruit games. All made by the bananagrams peeps. All versions you could play with any of the other versions but I like the Apples one cuz the tiles are super big. Haven't played the "pairs of pears" one yet but the directions sound super dooper funzies.

Princess Kimi said...

p.s.s.sS. Guess which number of kid Landee is. After braces and 3 facial reconstructive surgeries she passes as a 3rd kid. So don't give up on your unfortunate looking 4th kid people.

Princess Kimi said...
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Flem said...

Keep that scanner warmed up, I really like reliving landee's childhood.

And your second childhood.

Memzy said...

I'm glad you pointed out that I was sick during my wedding. It explains the half-lid/greasy looking expression on my face. And I know....Christmas weddings are lamerz. But we couldn't have waited ONE more day to be married. Trust me on this.

Landee sweaters.

Landee said...

Kip had the reconstructive surgery. Not I. Braces yes.

Also, I'm disturbed by RT's going back and using a highlighter over certain words. TBone just looked at it and, to sum up, was all like "WTF?"

Princess Kimi said...

Well I blamed Utah for Landees sweaters so it was only fair I let peeps know you were not 100%. In fact I believe you had more zits than regular skin if memory serves.

Landee tell T-Bone that is a normal reaction. I too was all "wtf?" but then "NEW MOON YAY!".

Flem, my scanner never sleeps. Where is that pic I have of you with a mint facial mask on and curlers.....brb

Landee said...

Oh yes, the skin issues!! Luckily now I just have zits plus pre-mature wrinkles. So that's awesome.

I do feel bad for peeps who look back at old pics and wish they still looked like that tho. I bet I haven't even peaked yet.

Princess Kimi said...

Well Ms. Narcisizm... I was talking to Memz..about her wedding day zits. But yeah. You had srs skin issues that kept you from getting preggers in HS. :: sigh ::

Jenny ESP said...

Your bangs were quite jarring in 91. How did you get those few strands in the middle to stand so high? Super impressed. Landee is unrecognizable to me pre-2007. She's always reinventing herself. Love her old-people sweater phase tho. (And if she says those are from Eddie Bauer or United Colors of Benetton imma roll my eyes) Thanks for posting a pic of her infamous sweatshirt boyfriend, cuz she wouldn't post it since she thought he might read her blog, charight.

Princess Kimi said...

I know she had a lot of J.Crew and United of the colors. For a fact. And Rampage skort suits.

The trick to the gravity defying bangs was to pull it straight up IN the curling iron and spray a TON of hairspray (aerosol fo sho) on it and then BLOW DRY the hair sprayed wall while still pulling the ends up with the curling iron. I should have told you that before your Wal-Shiz photog shoot. But noone told me about it. In fact that is when you gize were still Landees secret shames.