Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!

Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!
*Not super recent photos

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Mish I sorta waited for that I ended up writing a SO super funny dear john to:

jay kay.

Busy week, OM gosh!  It's like everybody wanted to have fun all in the same week fhs!  So G turned 22.  I'm not mad at him about it I'm just disappointed.
::: sigh :::  No more Osh Kosh B'Goshes.  B'Gosh dangit.
Tucanos is awwweeesome btw.  I doubt we could have given blood the next day.

OH did I tell you he has a girlfriend?  She's awesome.  Mostly because she totally thinks I'm awesome.  Srsly I don't think she's fakin/kissin up.  Cuz if so she is going to great lengths..which I respect.  what with the hangin out in jammy pants watching 9 Interventions back to back eating finger foods and stuff.
Aren't they adorable together?
p.s. her name is Hailee with a K.

I bet they will have adorable children if they get married.  Still probably pretty cute even if they don't get married but the odds of getting a funny looker are way higher if you are a sinner and especially if you are a sinner and it's your 4th kid.  I got lucky!!!!
He made me promise not to tell the waiter it was his birthday.

You can totally tell he is in a band the way he commands that tamborine.  Right?    I dunno what gave it away..Grandpa holding up his quilt or Grammy saying "It's his 22nd Birthday!" but something tipped them off.
The trouble makers:

the only time the meat stop/go light wooden thingy was on red.  And it only lasted like 4 minutes.
PLUS I was too busy to blog cuz I was doing super cute stuff like this!
And helping RodTodd plant shrubs along the side of our house:

Give you one guess who I am texting.  There's no prize fyi.


Landee said...

Hailee with a K is adorable!!! She looks like she's straight outta BYU. Well, maybe BYU-Idaho. But still, cute as a button! That first pic of you and Sky is awesome. I'll send you a "A mother's work lasts from SON up to SON down" frame to put it in.

PS There's no way your CCR's allow that ghastly Red Sox flag. I'm calling your HOA peeps.

Jenny ESP said...

I thought it was YOUR birthday? Wait, are you gize twinerz?!?! Anyhow, happy birthday! Have fun at the Olive Garden.

PS. Haileek is gorge! Same with her boyfriend, but he would look even better in a pair of jean overalls.

eekareek said...

^^^Cradle robber.

I love you "helping" RT, btw.

P.S. Ummm, update please.

Hot Pants said...

If I'd never met you in person, I'd think you were as tall as me by that last picture.
Singing in restaurants makes me very uncomfortable, but had I known how much you loved it, I would have done something about it today.

Memzy said...

Those can't be your kids. Lies on the interweb are wrong.