Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!

Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Grab a tissue..... MEMORY QUILT crap

Or don't.  Just use your sleeve.  Anyway so srsly shut up cuz I'm so not going to make eye contact with YOU while I talk about this. 

Best just rip off the bandaid and say... this guy is unfortunately no longer alive.  So his Mom wants me and Dad to make snuggle blankies for her two daughters and herself out of his old clothes.

Aren't you glad I didn't drag it out and then just sprize you with that sad shiz?  yw.

Anyway so..it was kinda like being given a bunch of laundry and trying to make it pretty.  Keep in mind it was a boy..in his 20's.  Srsly stop looking at me.. my freakin allergies... n..stuff.

But so here's where it's at so far
This is just for the one daughter.  Dad looked at it and went "I'm not sure how I'm going to quilt this..."  cuz srsly. It's important.

So keep in mind I have 3 freakin tubs of his clothes to go through and try to make it "fair"...  oh yeah..keep in mind he's dead fyi.  I know you didn't forget just wanted to make sure if I was crying you were too.  So I'm cutting up his t-shirts he's worn forhisever and ...his dress shirts..and it just seemed odd cutting up an american eagle shirt knowing it was like 70 bucks..just sayin..anyway.. here's closer of the corners..tags from inside his shirts..and buttons... and stuff I'd want..

I knew you'd like how I left the collar sorta on it.

So now his sisters will have their own snuggle/throw blankies made out of his clothes.  In case they just need a hug from their brother.

srsly..who started this?  :: making Mom Face mimicing Memz in her driveway ::


Carol said...

Maaaaaaannnn, You just had to make me cry. Srsly--I'm OK. Just talked to your Dad and wished him happy birthday so I got cheered up real fast. Now, back to your blog--great stuff--great job--great idea. Just plain great. Your work is beautiful and I'm super proud of you. And I love you.

Princess Kimi said...

I'm like the Justin Beiber of crying...I cry..you cry!!!! I'm glad you like it. I love you more. p.s. it's NOT his birthday..yet!!!! He's like the crazy it's my birthday police fyi. jay kay. we are. We are taking him to dinner WHEREVER he wants tomorrow night! :) RodTodd is hoping he picks Popeyes...

Landee said...

I bet Dad picks Jack In the Box. Wait, who is paying? That changes things.

And srsly, soooo good. Perfect way to remember someone without having to keep all their clothes around forever.

PS When I die, make sure you get the blanket with my JEPPSON DENVER REUNION 2009 shirt. Cuz you weren't there and stuff to get your own.

Memzy said...

:::bawling my eyers out!!!:::

Now you're gonna have to make those foreveryones.

I do a mean mom face.

Memzy said...

::doing mom face for making me cry::

Carol said...

Kimmerz, I KNOW it's not his birthday until tomorrow but if I call the night before I get double points for being early and not forgetting.

Markie23 said...

Very speshul! You're good people!!

Princess Kimi said...

Landers, jokes on you! Mom and Dad gave me AND RodTodd and the kids ours even tho we couldn't attend. But yeah I should make one of your clothes NOW and pull it out during the times you are dead to me? JAYKAY!!! ish.
Memz, right? It seemed only fair tho since you've made me cry like...a brazillionteen times. Thanks, Uncle Markie! Lotsa smoke and mirrors to pull it off.

Princess Kimi said...

p.s. Landee..he is leaning towards the Cheesecake Factory..cuz RodTodd is paying. Win Win!!! And AV what were you doing up so late? You're a machine! :)

Jenny ESP said...

I'm gonna go in Tony's closet right now and pull out all my favorite shirts of his and hide them away so you can make me a quilt for free out of his shirts if he dies before me. Good idea.