Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!

Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!
*Not super recent photos

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year Gize!

I feel I shouldn't say "gize" cuz that is your joke..but ..w/e

Things that are awesome tho about last year are:


Oh wait.  Should I use bullets?
  • that it's over
  • that my Mom can play Just Dance 2 AND the MJ experience
  • that I'm not the only one that gets dizzy after playing Just Dance 2 and the MJ experience
  • that my kids decided to unhate me
  • that I'm not a Grandma yet (cuz I'm not rich enough to spoil the crapola outta the brat!)
  • that the internet.  is.
  • that Jo-Ann's emails us coupons and my dear sweet gorgeous hubby loves to go there with me
  • oh..that reminds me... for my dear sweet gorgeous hubby
  • text messaging (this only applies to some of you..the others I prefer to actually talk to)
  • oh..that reminds me..that YOU take my calls
  • that I got to meet you IRL (that means "in real life"...)
  • that I got to see you before it was too late
  • that I could be there for you when you needed me and noone else would have understood
  • that you were there for me when noone else would have understood
  • that my nephews think I'm super awesome now.  Well at least the one does.
  • that I have the most amazing family and friends ever.  And I am constantly grateful.
  • for reality TV

That's pretty much it...wait...no I erased that one for a reason.  I'm quitting Diet Pepsi....it's been 4 days...wish me luck...


Memzy said...

I NEED MJ experience. NEED. Everyone pitch in to get it for me. I know what a few of those things refer to. ::not so single tear::

Quitting WHAT?!!!!!? You're in time out.

Princess Kimi said...

You are rich tho...so get it yourself

Princess Kimi said...

I need to learn to live without caffeinne...

Hot Pants said...

I'm gonna pretend like at least one of those you's was referring to me. I'm with you on the quitting thing. I'm pretty sure my kidneys are about to shut down. As soon as those last four 12 packs are gone, I'm done.

Princess Kimi said...

at least 3 of them are for you HP. The first one and the ones about being there for each other when noone else would have understood...hence our ginormous chess piece decorations! :)

So in 4 days when your supply runs out..we shall once again be there for each other...when OBVIOUSLY noone else will understand.

Markie23 said...

Well, I'm glad that YOU'RE thankful, but I'd just like to point out that while we are practically family FHS you never met ME IRL, and you have NEVER texted me - not even while watching Live To Dance the other night when I NEEDED you to text me and explain to me why that first kids dad was so obviously gay, but apparently had a son; why they had to take that one girl off the stage when I wanted to see her forehead explode; and to tell me how awesome it is that Paula Abdul is back on the air.
BTW, I have been off Diet Coke w/Lime for at least a week now, AND my kids also recently unhated me (or at least they're pretending they did). See there IS someone else that would have understood ;o)

Princess Kimi said...

Uncle Markie...noone will give me your digits or I so would text you on the regulah!!!!! Especially while I rewound that crew doing MJ's GHOST like 19teen brazillion times! And to keep asking you when they will come out with a 4th sequel to Charly. And Singles Ward. And I'm pretty sure my kids are pretending too..but I'll take it! :: does the fingers to my eyes then your eyes and then a fist bump to my chest and then up to the heavens for props to the big guy ::

Carol said...

That was an impressive list Kimmerz and I'm with you a a couple. I haven't made my list yet but I've been toying with the idea--only toying. PS. You can text me anytime. I LOVE it.

Carol said...

And. . . .I did not watch Live to Dance as I wasn't quite ready to see Paula again. Is it worth watching?

Landee said...

I read this yesterday then got shiny thinged before I commented. What the? But I'm here now and that's all that matters.

Both your nephews think you're awesome, btw. And you're niece. Between your app knowledge and fluffilyduffily making skillz you have embedded yourself in their hearts fortheirever.

Jenny ESP said...

Looks like the Kimster is back in bizniz! ::cracking open a crisp Diet Coke (crisp, cuz I keep them in my crisper, duh)::

Anonymous said...

New post please.

Smithclan said...

Dear Kimi,
Wow! what an awesome quilt. I hope you don't mind I stalked your blog...we used to hang out ALL the time and crash all the stake dances. PS your parents look great. I hope that you're doing good! You look amazing as you always did! Catch me up on your life...would LOVE to hear a long version. Take Care and big hugs! Wendi (harrison) Smith