Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!

Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!
*Not super recent photos

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Unboredness is easy even if you don't have a job, srsly!

So my daughter is freakin smart.  Like you'd think she was ugly she's so smart.  But she's super pritty tho.  So here's the thing.. there had to be some kind of lines in the beforelife.. like you had to decide.. do you wanna be super smart and rich and responsible cuz of the smartsness or do you want to be sorta dingbatty but rilly super pritty and have lots of fun and like glitter and get funner frenz but be not very rich but you don't care..cuz your frenz rawk and yer so super cute?   Cuz I mean if there was a line where you could have it ALL...what's the dealio?  Anyway.  So she's like all of it.. I'm just sayin.  She must have shoved some kids outta her line er sumpthin.

Her solo lasted the whole freakin song.
p.s. before you are all "waaa waaa ur camera sux get a new fancy billion dollar one for scrapbooking u bad mom"  These are grabs from VIDEO people.. so shutty.
That's right.  I make DVDs of her performances and add titles and music to the menues and put lots of fancy transitions in there and make collage covers and labels and put them in real DVD cases.  Who is the bad Mom now?  Yeah......ats what I thought.

But so it doesn't end there with her talential downpour.  She plays the clarinet too !!!!!
And she's like that one person that plays the note first during warmup and then the whole rest of the band has to tune to her sustained note.  So basically it's her fault if they are all flat.  But it makes her the bosslady I think.

If you knew her when she was a toddler you'd know why I think her feeties all pointed in are adorable in this pic.  If not... well it's not like it took you an hour to look at one photo but thanks for indulging me or whatever.

That's just a cool lookin instrument.

RodTodd almost got fired from teaching for leaving early to come see this/be my ride/take our picture cuz we were doing a bad bad job of self portraits even with the dual LCD thingie...but it was toadally worth it.  For me anyways.  Nampa is a long walk you gize!
Anyway so that isn't the only thing that's been totally unboring.  I've been making super cute stuff for people too.

My friend had painted her daughters room in all kinds of polka dots to match a comforter she got..that she ended up hating.  The comforter that is..not the walls.  So she and I ..and RodTodd...went to JoAnn's aka my happy place...and picked out all these fun fabrics to make this girlpowerpalooza for her new full size big girl bed!

How cutefun would that be with a tulle bedskirt?  Way cutefun that's how cutefun.
Anyway so then she came and took it cuz she's mean and forced me to make a crazyfun comforter for my sewing room.  This is my genius plan so far.

Subtle.  And super grown-up.  You can bet your sweet bumcheeks I'm going to have a tulle bedskirt.  Or something resembling the bottom of Landees wedding dress anyway.
Oh and at the Quilting Guild meeting Mom and I won DOORPRIZES you gize!
So then all-a-sudden our cousin decided we had to hurry and get one of our blocks done for the cuzzin/aunt/uncle jack block exchange so that she can take ONE of all of our blocks and make a quilt for Gramma to be done in TIME for the reoon.  It's times like this I think.... you DO realize most of these girlers and Uncle Jack are ACTIVE mo-mos...right?  Early....cha-right!
But anyway.  The theme was..  make an 8 1/2 inch block out of reds, whites, blues or golds and any combination of those... any method..like pieced/color crayoned/appliqued...er whatever.  So this is mine.

I can't wait to see how all of the blocks look together.  Does our fam know how to get crazee or what?
Oh yeah.
p.s. update plz



Landee said...

Do you get money if I click on that ad down there at the bottom? Whatsupwitdat?

But yes, Haiwee is soooooper pritty and smart! She came up with Landeelu fhs! There ain't nothin smarter than that. I drove past a restaurant the other day called "La Sandia" and it kinda made me wish I woulda gone with that one but oh well. Landeelu it is.

Dang, now I kinda wish I would have done the quilt block thingy. Jaykay.

Memzy said...

Yes, I'm also very unsad about the quilt block thing. Holy gorgeous batman!!!!!!! And she's so smart she prolly started het OWN line.

Flem said...

Wow I am glad to see she is doing the music thing--lots of research about creativity and genius and music.

Also I agree she is super beautiful and the evidence of her smartness has seeped in here and there. I have to believe that she was predestined to be smart with you as her mama but glad to see she is fulfilling it anyway.

Princess Kimi said...

Sandilu what ads? you don't have to see ads if you get premium, doyee! I know you are kicking yourself you didn't do a quilt block thing (17) but the 17 part is the annoyingish part..just as cutting out tons of squares of my fabric for the fabric exchange monthly for guild is totally annoying and seems to really be nothing but a PITA... but then when I get all my awes variety squares from everyone else I'm all... YAY!!!! And "ewww wtf? this laydee doesn't know what the freak jewel tone means...she's jewel tone def, dawg" nstuff. Memz I am going to blame your fake unsadness on the detoxing bugskin. Don't pick at your facey. Freelz on starting her own line cept that she's super not really one of them Joan of Arc types. Like she wouldn't be all "hey everyone follow me while we go burn our bras" or anything. But if someone yelled "Let's all burn our bras gize!" she'd be all "YAY!!!! I'll bring a mix tape!" nstuff. p.s. I had to edit in the fave pic of her from the concert that I forgot! She got your ears fo sho.

Flem, srsly. She has never ONCE got "if she'd only apply herself" on a single solitary report card. ::: makes L on forehead with finger and thumb ::: I blame her Father. Speaking of her father.. I was talking to my Dad earlier and he goes "Does Buck run marathons? I could swear I saw him on the news crossing the finish line in the Barber to Boise marathon" and I srsly almost peed myself laughing...and trying to picture him running a marathon in the tightest possible wranglers and high heeled cowboy boots. Ahhh hahaha. But I texted Sissy to ask Daddy cuz I kinda wanna know now cuz Jack knows a Buck when he spots a Buck.

Landee said...

PS Am I to derive from your title that you thought those of us who "don't have a job" have been bored all these years?

I'm suddenly offended by this post.

Princess Kimi said...

No. I knew you weren't cuz of your blog. I just figgerred it was unpossible for ME to do anything productive at all unless I had a job. Cuz dayz off for me used to mean laaaayyyyzeeee to the nth. It was like I was going out of my way to make SURE I was bored on my days off. Cuz bored ekwalled vakay. But yeah I did figure you were on vakay all these years. If you want something to be offended about that's rill.

Landee said...

And in an ironic twist you were the one on vaykay...from reality.

PSS What is that door prize? Colored wire? Looks not as awesome as you two are playing it up to be is allz I'm sayin.

Princess Kimi said...

no srsly we were beyond giddy. Plus I have a normalish smileface on..Mom's way way happy face just makes it look like we both are hammin it up. It's specialty threads not WIRE! Thread with SHINEY in it! Some of the names of the colors are: D-Twist, Razzle, Deco-Bob, Hologram, Konfetti and of course Fruitti and Tutti. Those could be Xanga names!

p.s. yup. totally ironic twist.

Jenny ESP said...

Your sax-playing, clarinet tooting daughter is adorable! Any instrument that requires you to use both your hands plus all your breath is super impressive.

Shiny quilt thread?!?! Lucky!<--said all whinny and jealousy without a trace of sarcasm.

Princess Kimi said...

Weird. I sensed ZERO sarcasm until you said "without a trace of sarcasm". Then I sensed a hint of it. A big fat hint.

Hot Pants said...

I get a jaw ache from blowing up a balloon, so yeah, she's way talented!
So, when you're unbuzy from your quilting, I may need some help. I pretty much suck at my quilts.

Princess Kimi said...

I am unbizzy. Bring your supplies over and let's gitterdone. ::: mouthing and acting out "text me" :::

Princess Kimi said...

I guess Aunt Visor doesn't read this. I might as well quit blogging. Bye.

Carol said...

I TOTALLY read your blog and loved it. . . .I just did it on my iphone and then forgot to get on the computer and "comment". Sorry. I LOVED your quilt square for the family quilt. so much so , that I went shopping last night and purchased coordinating fabric so my square would look great next to your square. This is not new info to you as YOU AND I TALKED ON THE PHONE THIS MORNING. You are my quilting consultant. I didn't call you Dad or mom to discuss cuz--I wanted to talk to you. Period. Which I LOVED btw. I'll send you a picture of my square when I get it done.

Carol said...

P,S, Thanks for the spray glue info. I'm all over that!!

Princess Kimi said...

Right but if you don't comment it's like you don't even read this. Even if we discuss every deet of the post and all the previous comments and make fun of Tiffers. Still. No comment, no credit. Fact. Super great awesome talking to you too! I heart you super lots and wish we were all megabrazillionaires with our own PJs so we could fly JUST to meet for lunch every single day. Someday. ::: thinking about actually buying a lotto ticket instead of just hoping to win it :::

Carol said...

You're absolutely right. I will try to be much better at commenting. And btw--I'm totally getting your lingo down--as in PJ=private jet. Good huh? Let me know when that happens and I'll take you up on the offer. Love you. (And Tiffers--we did not make fun of you, much.)

eekareek said...

Update please.....