Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!

Look how totally way cute my kids used to be gize!
*Not super recent photos

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Cutes-as-a-buttonz MARATHON MAN!!!! (Coach Pete didn't stand a chance)

Guess who beat Coach Pete?  GUESS GUESS!!!!! 
Note that he only got Kellen Moore's signature.  p.s. there were lots more football playerz there.... I ..well...whatevs I guess.  I mean look how happy/proud/goofy he looks..all walkin in like "notice anything diffrint?"
I made him take the camera (which he didn't want to take because he was totally sure it would slow down his worlds record time or something) so that we could all share in the awesomeness that is the Scholorship fund run where everyday Besties can go together and beat the undefeated guy.

BUSTER BRONCO!!!!!  It took them 3 times to get a good pic.  Buster kept blinkin.  Notice the smiles...the general good hygiene look they have here.... yeah.

Coach Pete and the Cheerios gettin everyone juiced!  SURE you can beat me!  I even said on the news last night I wasn't even gonna TRY to win!  (RodTodd still doesn't believe he wasn't trying to win..srsly)

Even tho..Coach Pete was standing...like this...to double high five peeps...right before the finish line..congratulating them on beating him.  Legit.

Note the sweatiness and more forced smilingness.  And Coach Pete still just a high fivin away lookin  like he didn't even get winded.

And of course... a pic of RodTodd gettin Kellen Moore's siggy on his MAJOR AWARD shirt.  P.S. RodTodd wouldn't take it off and wore it to the Ps on Sunday to chillax/eat all thier good Sunday food/talk scrapbooking/quilting/The Masters.  The Home Freakin Teachers came by.... the lesson of the month was booooring btw.  ur wax is showing fyi.  Anyway the super Rood adulter HT was all "What is a Coach Pete?"  What.  Evs.
OH YEAH!!!!  And RodTodds adorable kiddies didn't forget my birthday week/month/year!

They gave me "UP!", a bucket of popcorn and some movie sized mini Butterfingers!  YAY!!!  Oh yeah and for Nates 8th birthday we got him these:

Which has led to hours and hours and days and days of THIS

I cannot recommend this learning toy enough.  They have made radios, motion detectors, doorbells... there are like 300 projects and the circuits all snap together.. no soldering.. but teaches them about lecktricity nstuff!!!!! 
Anyway.  Life is Good.  :)  p.s. new post plz.


morgan said...

The expression is not "new post plz", it is "update please".

Who the H doesn't know what a coach Pete is? I bet his lesson would have been more exciting if he knew who he was.

P.S. Update please.

eekareek said...

^^^^ Obviously that was me.

Landee said...

Wait...but if he beat Coach Pete, how was Coach Pete standing...I mean, he was there to give high fives to....and then he....



And tell me more about this "wax" lesson. Our HT just brings the kids candy bars on their birthdays. <----just how we like it, of course.

Um, did you get a rooster pic for the wall without consulting me or is that Dick&Jane's hizzy? I need to know kthanksbye.

Princess Kimi said...

Yeah I got the Rooster thing to go with the new sunken family room and old lady type furniture in the new front room we added on in the backgrounds. YES it's the Dick&Janer hizzy fhs. That's why the pics are blurry. Cuz I refuse to set foot in that "bless all who enter" crock of crap place.

p.s. Sara I knew it was you. And the p.s. new post plz was for YOU!

p.p.s. Landee... Right? I mean...so what the deal was..is Coach Pete..see he was like... here's what I RILLY wanna know.. what the crappin-tastically lamerz time did you have to get to where he got bored..went home.. and you got a "I'll beat PETE NEXT YEAR" shirt fhs! For realz.

p.s.s.s. Sara, that HT is the kind that give all HTs that went to BYU a bad name. He knew who he was. he was just being a Dillir. And not in the good way.

Memzy said...

I'm so cornfuzed. Of course it could be coming off morphine cold turkey.

Yay for magnet electric toys of tricity!

Princess Kimi said...

oh yeah and about the "wax" lesson. So I guess back in the oldie days before iPods and scrapbooking they used to make statues. Out of like some fancy marble and it was super spensiff. So like if the carver guy/girl/person made a mistake and accidentally put a big gash in the statue they filled it with wax to like hide their flaws! :O OH SNAP! face, right? yeah..so the peeps would notice like a year later that their statue was flawed when the wax would start to fade or get gicky or whatevs. So then the peeps that would leave their mistakes started gittin all the bizness selling their honest statues. So. yw for the lesson. Can I put myself down for my hundy percent even tho I'm not a dood?

Princess Kimi said...

also the HT was a total DB about the whole Coach Pete thing..I can't stress that enough. So I pulled out my best Gty stuff and told him about how there was a college in Boise called Boise State University..and how a college is a place of higher learning. so thx Gty!

Landee said...

Why would I want a mistake statue when I could have a perfect waxed one? I go through statues sooooper fast so I would probably have gotten rid of my precious moments statue before the wax part got gicky anyway. People like stuff waxed. That's a factoid right there for y'all.

Jenny ESP said...

That lazy horse is riding a frickin' bike! Cheater! I'd have just hopped in his basket and cheated too.

Jenny ESP said...

Once, this jerk sold me a wax statue, and I found out when it started to melt that he had stuck a piece of marble in there to fill a gouge. Be careful when you buy statues!!